🔔 Do you lead difficult conversations or avoid them?

I want to begin this post by expressing my most sincere gratitude to the entire health team at the hospitals of the CSAPG. 🙏
In our sessions at Regional Hospital of l'Alt Penedès and Sant Camil Residency Hospital I have confirmed the interest and involvement of the entire nursing team in “taking care of people.” Congratulations on your commitment!

In the words of one of the participants, @Toni, this course helps us "take care of the people who care", improve relationships between colleagues and also, very importantly, take care of ourselves.
In the healthcare world, difficult conversations arise frequently: with our teams, with patients, with our peers.

Did you know that leading them assertively can make a big difference?
In our workshop, we have explored the methodology HANDLE: Assertiveness Without Anxiety, a powerful tool to approach these conversations in a constructive and effective way:
1. Balancing rational and emotional communication ⚖️
2. Preparing each conversation objectively, studying the environment and personalizing based on each interlocutor, prioritizing dialogue 💬
3. Paying attention to details and seeking a win-win relationship, beneficial for all parties involved 👥

We have practiced 3 basic skills:
1. 🔄Assertiveness: Stress, fear of consequences and lack of self-control often prevent us from facing these situations. He I respect bidirectional It's the key.
2. ❤️ Empathy balanced: Ultra empathy blocks us. Maintaining emotional distance helps us be more effective.
3.💫 Trust in people: avoid prejudices, focus on the present and accept and understand mistakes. And as the twin sister of trust, Self-confidence.

From now on, let's think that Lead a Conversation Difficult is ours Challenge and always gives us Benefits.

A pleasure to share these two days with all of you, Team! CSAPG!
Thank you for all the learning, for the trust and for your positivism.
See you soon!
#Thank you Esperanza Gimeno SolsonaCSAPG
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#You enjoyCommunicating

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