Our IN&OUT conferences have 1 differentiating point: they are always interactive.

Enjoying the conference is a priority. Why? Because when we are motivated by listening, we are receptive to the messages that are transmitted to us. In addition, we will be able to remind them why our neurons are “active”.

What are the 5 benefits of our interactive conferences?

1. Active Participation:

At our conferences, the public not only listens, they also participate! Practical exercises and mutual questions ensure that we are all engaged and learning dynamically.

2. Adaptation to your Needs:

Do you have specific questions or challenges on your mind? Perfect! Our conferences adapt to the needs of your team. There is no one size fits all, so let's make it custom! Let's talk.

3. Fun learning:

Why not learn while we enjoy? At our conferences, learning goes hand in hand with fun. Ready to enjoy while we grow together?

4. Equipment connection:

Bringing your team together for a conference on a topic of common interest creates a valuable emotional bond. Whether we talk about negotiation, communication, personal leadership... shared experience strengthens team cohesion.

5.Professional empowerment:

At the end of our conferences, your team will leave with new skills and perspectives that will empower them in their professional lives and beyond.

Together we can open new doors to business growth and excellence.

"Circumstances and situations give color to life, but our mind is what decides what that color will be."
John Homer Miller


Our trainings are memorable thanks to their four differentiating elements:

Prioritize learning versus teaching

Always put the student first

Enjoy learning

Transfer what has been learned in the workplace: applicability is our reason for being


What training do we offer?

Balance your emotional and rational communication in difficult conversations in your work environment. We propose effective scripts

Plan and design training that keeps your students involved with creative dynamics that exceed their expectations

Practice Conscious Listening and also be heard, using emotional impact techniques

How to start a negotiation with a collaborative spirit from the first minute. Discover our Negotiation Template to follow all the steps towards a lasting agreement

The productivity of a meeting begins with the call. Do you call 30-minute or 60-minute meetings? You determine the effectiveness of the meeting

Feedback is the best productivity tool that also guarantees the well-being of your teams and their professional growth.

Responding to the specific needs of the audience is the key to the success of our presentations. We can only achieve this by interacting and motivating people's participation.

You are responsible for your professional time. Find out how to evaluate your productivity and boost it

Our posture, our voice and our gaze are the main elements, along with words, to influence others, with a win-win relationship, without manipulation. Do we know how to combine them properly?

Identifying and expressing our emotions helps us have greater confidence in ourselves and connect with others.

Discover your creative side with the Walt Disney Imagineering methodology

The leader of the 21st century is at the service of his team. When we take care of people, we take care of the productivity of the company

We accompany you to your professional challenges, step by step, starting from your objectives and following a SMART action plan

Trust is the determining factor to unite teams. Do you know the Confidence Formula?

Surprise your client with new personalized solutions! Enhance the “WOW” effect and build customer loyalty

The best conflict is what does not exist. How do we act in difficult situations?

Being assertive and maintaining a low stress level are connected to our power of influence. We will measure your assertiveness!

Knowing our strengths and our areas for improvement helps us to have a positive dialogue with ourselves and with others.

Our colleagues, our managers, our teams deserve respect, assertiveness, listening, empathy and also creativity. How do you communicate with them?

Boost the 4 priority communication channels: telephone, meetings, email and WhatsApp. Each channel has a specific goal.

Get everyone's involvement and commitment in your next online meeting

Capture the attention of your audience's from the first second and engage them in 2 minutes

Enjoy sharing your ideas and show your passion for engaging your audience

Discover how to adapt your communication style to each of your clients with DISC

Reward your teams with this outdoor training, in a natural environment that enhances communication and improves your team's interpersonal relationships.

Impact your interlocutor with emotional and unforgettable messages



What are the 3 advantages of IN&OUT mentoring?

Promote the development of social skills in a creative way

Our mentoring offers a personalized platform to advance your specific objectives, with continuous dynamics. Pure practice immediately transferable to your professional environment.

Face Specific Challenges teaming up

You and the IN&OUT mentor are an unstoppable team. It will work hand in hand, motivating you towards change, enjoying yourself and making your pending dreams come true. What do you want to improve?

Instant and Personalized Feedback

You will know firsthand your strengths - to continue enhancing them - and your areas for improvement. This personalized approach will accelerate growth and allow you to make results tangible.

What are the sessions like?

"The most important thing in Communication is to listen to what is not said."
Peter Drucker

IN & OUT Strategy

Do we need to continue learning throughout our professional lives?
Continuous training is a requirement in the 21st century. The best professionals have the obligation to update themselves, enhancing their strengths and detecting their areas of improvement.

How do we start working?

At IN&OUT we are passionate about working together with Human Resources to identify the needs of collaborators related to social skills.
The Soft Skills They are the key to the success of companies: knowledge is necessary but not sufficient.
Intrapersonal skills (knowing yourself) and interpersonal skills (relating to others) are factors that multiply productivity.

IN & OUT Strategy

How do we define the Training Itinerary that guarantees the desired results?

The key to success is ALWAYS wanting to improve our relationships. 


Knowing the needs of your team to define the starting point. Why does they need to improve? What experience do they have? What is their profile?

SMART goals

Defined based on the needs of the person or group. Always individual objectives for tailored monitoring.


80/20 Methodology:
80% practice/20% theory. Continuous interaction and dynamization are the basis of our training

What are our professional values?

Commitment, Empathy and Creativity

"Life is wonderful if we are not afraid to change."
Eleanor Roosevelt
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