I want to be a better teacher in the COVID stage.


With this title we launch the first edition of the Virtual course that we will teach with our colleagues from TANDEM PROFESORES CHILE.

This educational consultancy is specialized in training Primary, Secondary and High School teachers to face daily challenges by applying 2 basic tools: INNOVATION and FLEXIBILITY.

Innovation? 100% necessary to look for new solutions, to motivate disoriented students, to generate confidence in worried parents, to transmit valid knowledge in our changing reality.

Flexibility? To listen better, to empathize with the entire Community, to personalize the content, to use new technologies...


What skills does a teacher need to develop in this COVID stage?

In our virtual course we will learn to:

  • Gain greater confidence in ourselves in VUCA situations
  • Lead ourselves and lead the students
  • Communicate with greater persuasion and greater credibility, in person and virtually.
  • Empower the student to awaken their full potential
  • Motivate students through interactive and gamified training, using the technology at our disposal
  • Overcome daily stress and transform it into positive energy

How is the I WANT TO BE A BETTER TEACHER IN THE COVID STAGE course structured?

This international course is made up of 6 blocks that will complete the teacher's training and help them face the current challenges of teaching:

1- Teacher self-care and self-motivation: Stress management, time management and healthy habits. Trainer: Roser Claramunt.

2-Effective communication and teacher-student dialogue: Optimize communication with all members of the educational community: students, teachers, families, directors and associations. Trainer: María Muñoz Roca.

3- Teacher leadership and people management: Applied to leadership with different members of the educational community. Trainer: Roser Claramunt.

4- Creativity and proactivity to surprise and involve the student:Key digital tools and applications to motivate students: gamification, collaboration and dynamization. Trainer: María Muñoz Roca.

5- hsocial skills of the teacher to empower students and awaken their talent: Emotional intelligence and neuroscience applied to supporting students. Trainer: Roser Claramunt.

6-Virtual training and Webinars:Become familiar with the main technological platforms to teach classes from home and interact with students, mastering all the functionalities: digital communication, surveys, work groups, sending online materials, etc. Trainer: María Muñoz Roca.

 Teachers, it is time - now more than ever - to accompany our students and enrich them personally and academically.

6 virtual interactive classes that you will enjoy and will enrich you.

Impatient to start this adventure!

More information in: www.tandemprofesores.cl

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