PRESENT SUCCESSFULLY: A challenge within your reach

Are you satisfied with your professional presentations?

How many presentations do you do a week?

Do you repeat the same presentation for different audiences?

Depending on your answer to these 3 questions, my role as a trainer will be to adapt the content to your specific needs.

Each course is different, each speaker is different, and above all, each audience is different! Therefore, making a custom suit for the participant is our mission when presenting.

Nowadays, communication has evolved towards a closer, more dialogic, more "team" style. All the people who make up the course, the meeting or the conference can and should enrich the content because we can all add our experience, our ideas and our prior knowledge.

The public is the protagonist

Including the public in our presentation is a mandatory requirement for success.

Personalizing our examples, interacting with participants, involving them, challenging them to share their experiences... will help us increase our impact and facilitate the internalization of content.

Creativity is an essential ingredient to excite our audience, to surprise them and to exceed their expectations. Do you apply creativity in your professional presentations?


«Mathematics is forever»

With this title, the Riojan mathematician Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón presents his TED TALK talk that I invite you to enjoy in the following link.

In just 9 minutes he transports us to the world of mathematics with his closeness, his sense of humor, his interaction, his naturalness and his scientific knowledge...

We can all improve our presentations.

Next May 24, at the Quality Club, in Asturias, I will give the training titled "Presenting Successfully": Keys to Developing Creative and Effective Exhibitions.

From here I thank the professionals who have registered because they want to improve: engineers, general directors, psychologists, HR directors, quality technicians, administrators, therapists... Professionals from different areas and Companies from all sectors because Communication is transversal and is an essential skill to complete our job function, regardless of our specialization.

Do you dare to improve?


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