See you? Talk later? Do we communicate? We learn together?…

Welcome to this new stage of our lives!


We are learning to live in a different way due to the health situation that we are all experiencing.

We are more aware of the important things in our lives. We take better care of ourselves and we take better care of others.

We are learning to communicate in a different way and above all, to value the importance of communicating!



The expression #yomequedoencasa  It means more than just staying in our homes to prevent and help each other.

It also means discovering and practicing new forms of Communication with our loved ones, our families, our friends, our clients and our collaborators.

It means searching and finding new communication channels to stay connected, to avoid loneliness and to enhance our relationships.

It means awakening our creativity to transfer a part of our work activity to the virtual environment.

It means having new experiences like online sports classes.

It means learning new knowledge with new channels: training through webinars, videoconferences...

It means enjoying our hobbies in a different way: online piano, singing, drawing or even dancing classes.



 From these lines I would like to inspire you to continue learning every day. Learning keeps us alive, awake, motivated.

What are the main channels that currently connect us with the outside world?

We can learn with Social Networks, with traditional media, with videoconferences, with webinars, with WhatsApp groups...

And mainly we can learn a lot, a lot, a lot, from the people we live with, from our families. It is time to enhance family communication, share and learn.


Take good care of yourselves and take good care of your loved ones!

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