2+1 Feedback


2+1 Feedback

How many times have you given positive feedback today to someone around you?

And how many times have you given critical/constructive feedback?

In general, it is easier for us to highlight what we do not like about the people we interact with, whether at work, in the family sphere or with friends.

For this reason, I want to congratulate the WALLAPOP team, with whom we have developed an intense training day for prioritizing the recognition of their colleagues and thus contributing to promoting a close, stimulating and productive work environment.

2+1 Feedback


In our training, we are putting into practice the “FEEDBACK 2+1” concept, focused on being aware of the importance of giving double positive feedback versus the amount of improvement feedback.

I just introduced the word “improvement” because it is important to remember that when someone “dares” and/or invests their time in telling us something that we do not do well - according to their perspective - they are giving us an opportunity to reflect on our behavior and change it. to improve.

All people in the workplace perform many specific functions and tasks. If we make a list, we are sure to be able to do a minimum of 80% of these tasks correctly. And, on average, we will have to correct/learn/improve a 20% of the work we do.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that we first recognize what is done well and then, only later, can we focus, with great respect, on what we do not see as appropriate. The self-esteem of the person who receives the «2+1″ Feedback is reinforced by positive words and they are better predisposed to actively listen to points for improvement.

When we highlight twice as many positive things as improvements, we are giving value to our colleague/collaborator and simply preparing the way for them to want to attend to our suggestions for improvement.

For this reason, a good Leader always observes his team first to define what strengths he has and always, secondly, takes note of the points for improvement.


We all want to improve

In my 16 years as a Trainer, I have proven that there is a lot of hidden talent. Many people are not aware of what they do well, they do not know their Strengths because they only hear what they do “wrong”. For this reason, in our “FEEDBACK 2+1” Training we propose Self-knowledge techniques such as The Johari Window, the DISC Behavioral technique or the Focus Wave Questionnaire.

Once these methodologies have been worked on first at an individual level and then at a collective level, a stimulating scenario opens up for each participant, which gives them security, self-confidence, and above all, energy to look to the future with enthusiasm for achieving their new goals.

When we work on our areas of improvement, we are taking a step forward. We all, absolutely all of us, want to improve, even if it is on an unconscious level. Human beings are non-conformist by nature, they overcome new challenges every day and are constantly evolving.

“2+1” Feedback propels us towards the future, predisposes us to work on our inner self, to acquire better habits and get closer to our professional and personal goals.


When do you want to start?

I suggest that tomorrow you choose a person and ask their permission to give them Feedback (prepare it beforehand in “2+1” format)

When I say yes, go ahead!

And in return, dare to ask them to also give you their Feedback.

Two-way feedback is the bravest and most challenging!

2+1 Feedback



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