How do the English write?

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Hello everyone!
The first contacts with England after our decision to move to Manchester for a while were by email.
Communication with the English via email was always very respectful and very well organized. 4 features to highlight:

  1. They always greet and say goodbye correctly, using friendly language. “Dear María” in the first emails. "Hi Maria", when we already know each other.
  2. They respond to emails very quickly. At most in 24 hours. I loved this!! He encouraged me on my British adventure!!
  3. They offer you help. If they cannot solve your problem, they direct you to other people or websites to obtain information. I am especially grateful to Stockport Council for all their help in enrolling my daughters in the Institute.Maurice Kilbride
  4. They fulfill their commitments. Mrs Speers from Maurice Kilbride Real Estate Agent sent us photos of the chosen house and details about the area. Even property searchers in England respond quickly to your questions. Essential websites to look for housing: and 1057-Rightmovezoopla_wo_logo

I look forward to seeing you soon!


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