Communication with neighbors / Communicating with neighbors

A very good friend, Sue, who is English and lives in Barcelona, encouraged me to be proactive with our new English neighbors and prepare a party to meet them and introduce ourselves.

Upon arriving in Manchester, we introduced ourselves to the 4 closest neighbors. 2 of them were very friendly and the other 2 families were more distant.

After a few days, we saw them again and invited them to my daughter Laura's birthday, a good reason to get to know each other better.

Letter by Andy and Louise_Comunicación Maria Muñoz Roca

How many neighbors do you think came to my daughter Laura's party? Only one family came, a couple who live next to us and who are fantastic. They spent more than two hours at home, chatting, giving us advice and offering us help. They confessed to us that we were the first neighbors, in 10 years, who had knocked on their door to introduce themselves!!

The next morning, our new neighbors Louise and Andy left us a loving letter in the mailbox.

Conclusion? Spain is different! We Spaniards enjoy relationships more, we are closer and more empathetic people. Fortunately, there are also English people who enjoy meeting new friends, like Louise, Andy and Sue!

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