New year, new proactive entrepreneurs entering the professional world!

Congratulations to the new Physiotherapy Graduates from Tecnocampus University!

This January 1, a new stage has begun where you will enjoy new challenges. Forward! You are prepared to apply everything you have learned, to undertake and to show yourself that the effort of these 4 years will have its reward.

As an Entrepreneurship trainer, I want to highlight three benefits of being entrepreneurs in professional life:

1. **Continuous Innovation:** 💡 The entrepreneurial spirit drives creativity and the constant search for innovative solutions.

2. **Personal and Professional Development:** 🌱 Entrepreneurship encourages individual and professional growth, challenging us to overcome obstacles and constantly learn.

3. **Flexibility and Autonomy:** 🎮 Being an entrepreneur provides the freedom to shape our own paths, adapting to new opportunities with flexibility.

One of the success factors linked to entrepreneurship is Proactivity. What does Proactivity mean to me? 

  1. Maintain an innovative attitude to seek specific solutions for each difficult situation that arises in our daily lives.
  2. Take responsibility for everything we do and be aware of the consequences of our decisions
  3. Dare to move forward, to evolve, to mark a path, to have a future vision. Proactivity is having objectives to continue improving

And this Proactivity has a magic formula, composed of 3 main ingredients:

  • 100 grams of Intuition: our subconscious tells us the way, what to do and what to avoid
  • 100 grams of Assertiveness: respect our decisions and respect those who do not share them
  • 100 grams of Influence: maintain a positive internal dialogue, reinforcing our self-confidence and enthusiastically communicate our ideas to the people with whom we want to collaborate

I wish you all a year full of Entrepreneurial Attitude!

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