COMMUNICATION PSYCHOLOGY: learning to influence positively

I would have loved to have had subjects focused on communicating better in my university career.

When I studied Business and Business Administration, most of the subjects were related to the skills now called “hard” and each of the students had to make an individual effort to acquire the transversal skills that really help us advance in life.

This year I have had the pleasure of being part of the teaching staff that LAURA AMADO, Director of Psychology Studies at the UAO, has selected for the new subject PSYCHOLOGY OF COMMUNICATION. Together with Alfonso Freire and Quim Casas I have enjoyed guiding students to delve deeper into the always exciting world of Communication. From here, I want to congratulate the entire team at Abat Oliba Ceu University for this initiative and sincerely thank them for counting on me.

COMMUNICATION PSYCHOLOGY: learning to influence positively

The subject belongs to Specialization Course in People and Organization Management. I ask myself 3 questions:

  1. How many university courses include People Management subjects?
  2. Is there any work area that does not require interacting with people for the overall fulfillment of objectives?
  3. Can we obtain results without being in contact with teams?

COMMUNICATION PSYCHOLOGY: learning to influence positively

It has been a joint experience: students, coordinator and teachers have worked on the 3 parts of that subject always keeping its applicability in mind:

1st part: Body, Voice and Emotion

2nd part: Persuasive Communication

3rd part: Creativity and Storytelling

The maximum satisfaction has come in the final evaluation of the students. The chosen setting was the University's new Television set.

A challenge for the students! No PowerPoint, recorded on video…Lights, camera, action!

Excellent presentations: prepared empathetically, with interaction, with creativity and with great enthusiasm.

Congratulations also to all the students for their performance!

I also want to highlight that the classes have been in dual format, with the student being able to choose whether to participate virtually or in person.

What is my conclusion? The greater facilities we offer to the student, the greater commitment and greater final performance.

I look forward to the new edition of this subject next year!

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