International Virtual Training: 100% Transculturality

English and Spanish are the two languages that have allowed me to expand in this time in which we live and connect with participants from India, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Italy, Chile, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, France, Portugal...

“From my office to the world”: this could be the title of a film or my experience as a trainer in recent months.

Thanks to technology and the use of videoconferencing programs such as Zoom, Teams, Adobe Connect... we have promoted synchronous, live learning, with participants from all over the world!

It is being a very intense experience. We enjoy learning transversal skills related to the different cultures of those attending the training, opening our minds, being more flexible and adapting to each reality. Innovation, Flexibility, Tolerance, Empathy, Multiculturalism, Diversity, Inclusion... are transversal concepts that we have practiced in each course, regardless of the topic covered.

We can talk about negotiation, communication, sales, leadership, creativity... in the end we are a team that collaborates to enrich each other. It is a continuous challenge that forces us to evolve every day, to observe and observe ourselves, to be spectators and actors at the same time, to continue moving forward.

We are all responsible for getting involved, for committing, for helping each other in this new stage.

Intercultural experiences allow us to discover new ways of learning and new techniques that make us feel proud of ourselves because we feel “more alive.”

Once again this international experience has been possible in this stage of the pandemic thanks to the interactive applications that we have promoted in our classes: Miro, Kahoot, Mentimeter, Mindmeister, Slido, Genially... and the already mentioned video conferencing programs such as Zoom, Teams, Adobe Connect... whose constant updates have benefited us with infinite tools: synchronous surveys, virtual whiteboard, break-out rooms (mini-classrooms), chats, collaborative icons...

With international students we also apply reflective-applicative methodology (Kolb cycle) and we inspire them to continue being the protagonists of the training, inviting them to add value, to share experiences and to be co-creators!!

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