The Mental Flower

What relationship does a Flower have with our Mind?

Our neural system works through the Association's methodology. Connect some points with others. It creates new paths every time we learn and experience new sensations.

The Mental Flower is a graphic index inspired by Tony Buzan's mind maps. It is a visual and instant way to connect all the parts of our presentation. It forces us to establish order and maintain a structure.

Do you find it difficult to remember ideas while you are presenting?

Mind Flower helps you prioritize your messages and makes it easier for your audience to remember them.

It is a "magic" formula to structure content, highlight important ideas and self-manage presentation time.

How many petals should the Mental Flower of my Presentation have?

At most 5 petals:

  •  1 petal for the Opening: that impressive way to start your presentation with which you will be able to exceed everyone's expectations! and catch their attention!
  • 3 petals for the 3 Footprints or messages of your Presentation: they are the ideas that you want your audience to remember. They are the "essence"!!
  • 1 petal for the Closing: surprise and excite them with a great ending, which leaves a good taste in their mouth and, at the same time, invites them to reflect on the topic presented. The most important thing is that you add value to your audience!!The Mental Flower

When are you going to start designing your Mental Flower?

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