Communicate with the 5 senses

Many times we communicate without speaking: a long silence, a mischievous look, our hands close to our hearts...

We all understand that words are not necessary to communicate our emotions.

Today we are going to take one more step. Things done well also communicate. And specifically, an appetizing plate of food also communicates. It tells us about who has been behind it, about careful hands that have taken care of all the details, about the love with which the work has been done.

Surely on more than one occasion you have enjoyed a delicious dish before tasting it, just by looking at it, smelling it, “feeling” it.

I have been surprised by all the sensations that it has caused me... a Dessert!! It is called “Bread with Tomato and Fuet”.

Bread with tomato and fuet1

It is a magical game of words, a game of emotions, a game of feelings, which appear from the second one. When you read his name on the dessert menu, you are confused and intrigued and your neurons begin to activate. When you ask about it, the words that describe it subtly surround you: thin layer of chocolate with icing sugar, creamy cheese covered by a bright reddish layer... your ears begin to enjoy it... When you have it in front of you, your pupils dilate and a smile appears in your mouth. Yeah!! Its name “Pan con Tomato y Fuet” is perfect. I can't resist anymore and I want to feel its creamy texture and vibrant chocolate. When I bring it to my mouth, my palate is filled with joy. When you nibble on the “fuet”, its crunchy chocolate once again awakens mixed feelings. It is a contrast of experiences. The 5 senses are in action:

  1. Intense cocoa aroma
  2. Fluffy sponge cake
  3. Crispy chocolate that resonates in my ears
  4. Combination of flavors that explode on my palate
  5. And my eyes, which remain astonished before a scenario with a salty profile that challenges all the senses.

I encourage you to discover this magical dessert made by the team led by David García at the To+ Restaurant in Palà de Torroella, Barcelona.

Congratulations David! You enjoy your dishes and make your audience enjoy!

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