Are you a Trainer and do you feel satisfaction when your students learn?


Today I am very excited to share with all of you the video of the ELEVATOR PITCH CREATIVE conference where you will enjoy seeing how my participants dared to jump onto the stage of the Oviedo Congress Palace with "300 eyes" watching...

In the previous post I explained the 4 steps to follow to successfully present our company in 1 minute with the “Creative Elevator Pitch” Methodology.

Now I present to you the result of the 2-hour Training at the Oviedo Conference and Exhibition Palace. I remind you of the context:

  • September 27, 2019
  • V Networking Meeting OVIEDO EMPRENDE
  • 150 spectators
  • Mr. Javier Cuesta, Councilor for Economy of the Oviedo City Council,
  • Mr. Marino Zapatero, Manager of the Asturian Quality Club, 
  • 13 participants, creative and brave entrepreneurs who succeeded. They succeeded because they communicated effectively and they succeeded because of their Proactive Attitude!

The Trainer's satisfaction when he confirms that he has contributed value to his students is maximum, infinite!

This is my small-big tribute to all the professionals who are committed to continuous training and dare, above all, to put it into practice and apply it in their daily lives.

Thank you so much!



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