Is the school year also starting in your company?

Fantastic month September to think again about how we communicate in our company and what we can improve.

In the 21st century, Communication is everything.

If you know how to communicate, you know how to lead, you know how to sell and you know how to train.

And you, how do you communicate?

When we want to positively influence our interlocutor, words are not enough. Influence, persuade, negotiate, convince, share are verbs that imply knowing how our brain works when receiving external stimuli. As Martha Burns, neuroscientist professor, says, “to impact we must surprise using refreshing forms of communication and creative exposure that inspires and provokes the memory of our messages.”

Dialogues or “monologues”?

Before we start talking or writing, let's think about who will listen to us or who will read our email.

Do we prioritize only our interests or do we really want to add value to our interlocutor?

How to get it? First of all, prepare your Attitude and dialogue, without prejudices, with an open mind and bravely.

Different keys for different audiences:

  1. Let's personalize our offer for each client
  2. Let us always motivate our collaborators as a global objective, with our Magic words.
  3. Let's research the needs of our audience before a meeting or presentation.

Tailored, personalized communication

All of us have a lot of experience in our respective sectors, we master our products or services, we know perfectly the pros and cons of our company, and we usually improvise when we are in front of the client because... «I already know what he is going to ask of me, what he needs, What objections will arise, what conditions do you want... If we think like this, Communication becomes routine... and in reality, Communication is a daily challenge,

We have to learn to ask objectively, to listen bidirectionally and to respond in a personalized way. Our interlocutor has to perceive that our proposal is made "tailored to him."

Whoever stops improving stops being good

You are a great professional and that is why you strive to improve day by day.

The market changes, new challenges, new objectives arise and we have to prepare differently. The challenges of the s. XXI are different and unique!

Detect your needs and above all focus on what you want to improve: better structure your presentations, develop your creativity, argue with your clients in a personalized way, get your collaborators to react proactively after your weekly conversations,...

Share your concerns with Human Resources and surprise them with your desire to improve and train.

The school year starts in September for you too!

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