In this month of November, many professionals have chosen to delve deeper into the new world of VIRTUAL NEGOTIATION.

We are taking a step towards the future and we are no longer satisfied with Communicating Virtually. Companies and professionals are closing agreements with our clients, national and international. We must therefore increase our knowledge and use all the tools that technology offers us to reach collaborative virtual agreements that last over time.

We are talking about Virtually Negotiating "Win-Win" agreements, favorable for all parties involved. Now, more than ever, reaching out to our customers virtually helps us strengthen our relationships.

All platforms allow us to interact with different functionalities and include emotional elements in our negotiation that guarantee us to tune in with our client and show them our skills also virtually.

Below I bring together the 5 advantages that Virtual Negotiation offers:

  1. Location neutral: which gives equal bargaining power to all parties.
  2. Availability of complete documentation at our fingertips (in he computer).
  3. Management of the more productive time: more assertive and direct communication.
  4. Saving in the management of resources: sustainability.
  5. Recording on video of the agreement, with prior permission of the meeting participants.

There are many entities that already offer these training courses to their clients.
In these years of collaboration with Cambra de Barcelona, there are different companies that have already opted to train their teams in Negotiation, now also in the Virtual field.


Are you already succeeding in your Virtual Negotiations?

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