What Digital Tools Increase the Productivity of Virtual Training?

This year 2020, which is coming to an end today, has featured training on Digital platforms: ZOOM, TEAMS, MEET, BLACKBOARD...

With these platforms we can carry out very Professional, very Interactive and very Effective Virtual Training.

Gamification in the virtual classroom is a requirement, not an option! And Digital Tools are the key!!! 

After 9 months and more than 250 hours of virtual classes taught since April 2020, I want to share with you what digital applications I recommend to enhance the motivation and learning of virtual students.

As reflected in the Mind Map (made with MINDMEISTER) that heads this post, we are going to classify digital training tools into 4 groups:

1- PLANNING TOOLS: SESSION LAB It allows us to make the list of our training by segmenting each activity into 5 groups: Energizer, Exercise, Debate, Theory and Rest.

In the Virtual Training of Management Skills for companies, I consider that we must apply Pareto's Law when planning each session: I dare to establish a maximum percentage of 20% of Theory with respect to practice (80%). Because? Because in practice the protagonist and driver of learning is the student himself who actively applies and internalizes the concepts. Therefore, their assimilation is immediate and effective.

2- DESIGN TOOLS: We have countless high-impact programs: PIKTOCHART, CREATELY for designing and CANVA, PREZI or EMAZE for presenting, for example.

3- COLLABORATION TOOLS: I highlight MIRO as an interactive collaborative tool that allows the simultaneous participation of different students in real time. Also mental maps with MINDMEISTER or GOCONQR, Work Groups or Breakout-rooms of Zoom or Teams and the VIRTUAL BOARD where the protagonist is, once again, the student.

4- CONTINUOUS EVALUATION TOOLS: In my training, my goal is to minimize theory and always enhance practice, so in general my content pills are reduced to 10 minutes to immediately proceed to gamification, which helps me evaluate student learning and evaluate myself. myself. We have a surprising range of applications such as: KAHOOT, MENTIMETER, AHASLIDES, SLIDO, ELECTRONIC DICE, PASSWORD and of course CHAT, which allows us to "take the temperature" of learning minute by minute.

I want to end this article by remembering the importance of always having the camera "ON", to enhance the visual dialogue with the student, to increase their commitment and to transform virtual classes into moments of enjoyment and immediate learning.

I encourage you to practice all these digital tools and I wish you a 2021 full of new challenges and many learnings!

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