We advance in Hybrid Communication!

Embrace change…

Renewed or die…

Learn to unlearn...

Adapt to survive…

I'm sure you've heard these phrases thousands of times.

Now they are present in our lives more than ever when we talk about Business Communication!

This week I have confirmed once again that all professionals are being aware of how virtual platforms are here to stay.

We know that we can communicate perfectly through Zoom, Teams, Meet... and we continue to strive to learn how to be effective in these new channels.


From here I want to congratulate my students from ESHOB University who manage to get involved in 100% in our virtual classes held on Zoom. In our Negotiation classes we carry out dynamics with the “break-out rooms” tool, we participate in surveys, we gamify with Kahoot, we give our opinions through chat, we co-create with the virtual whiteboard, we practice real situations staging “role-plays”. We have only one requirement: camera always connected to see each other and communicate Verbally, Visually and Vocally. The 3 V's that make us successful in Communication.


Is Virtual Communication enough?

In my opinion it is also very important to maintain face-to-face contact. With “face to face” we achieve a greater connection, tune in more quickly and transmit our emotions better. And we all know that the emotional component is key in Communication.

Therefore, our virtual classes are complemented with face-to-face classes where we develop more kinesic team activities, enhancing the feeling of belonging and using proxemics (space) as an intrinsic social element of communication.


How to face this new Communication era?

Communicating is always a challenge, an experience where consciousness leads us to success.

Assessing when we should opt for virtual or in-person communication is our first decision. Both modalities have great advantages. It will depend on our objective and the available resources (time, location, financial investment...).

In the professional field and also in the personal field, we coexist with Communication hybrid. Therefore, let's dedicate our time to optimizing both communications to feel good, transmit well and be effective, efficient and effective.

What are the advantages of Virtual Communication?

  1. Higher productivity
  2. Active engagement of participants (no side conversations)
  3. Multiple interaction functions (Creativity)
  4. Ubiquity
  5. Material availability in the computer
  6. Recording and feedback
  7. Saving resources (travel, displacement…)
  8. Sustainability


What are the advantages of Face-to-Face Communication?

  1. Physical interaction (handshake, proxemics)
  2. More complete non-verbal language: posture legs, back, eye contact...
  3. Physical demonstration of products: use of the 5 senses
  4. Greater focus: we avoid distractions/temptations: email, browser...
  5. We avoid the technological barrier: internet connection, applications...
  6. Teamwork at 100%
  7. Greater personal involvement
  8. We share space and feel more comfortable

See you soon… virtually or in person!

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