I want to thank the TREEHOUSE BCN Agency from here for inviting me to their facilities and enjoy this enthusiastic team and this new set, where it is possible to dialogue while holding the conference.

For me, a 21st century conference needs feedback, interaction, sharing with attendees, contrasting, generating new ideas... In this way, we are all enriched!

And what better audience than the team of this agency, some of whose members I have known for more than 20 years, since we worked together at the Bassat Ogilvy agency! All departments were fully involved: Creativity, Strategy, Production, Accounts, Research, Development, Management, Finance and Administration... With their questions, with their concerns about how to identify the client's profile to be more influential, to adapt to their needs. and be able to evolve and grow with them.

Communication and Clients

It was a great pleasure to see how the world of the agency is evolving and once again, reinforce the importance of personal/professional Communication.

Each Client is unique and so is each Communication. Applying emotional intelligence helps us adapt to each interlocutor, personalize our words and our style strategically. Because each Communication pursues an objective... Have you thought about what your objective is when you talk to your clients?

And of course, Conscious Communication allows us to focus on how to combine my qualities with the client's qualities to find a path that leads us to a win-win relationship and move forward together.

We talk, therefore, about taking care of our conversations, about being flexible, about being assertive, about respecting each other, about maintaining quality communication, and also about feeling proud of it.

Do you want to see the conference?

I invite you to give me your opinion on how to personalize our Communication with Customers. Thank you again #Treehousebcn

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