Do you already have your Christmas gifts?

The 3 creative steps to buy the best gift this Christmas.

Have you thought about what you are going to give to your friends and family for Christmas and Epiphany?

Is it important to surprise them?

Do you think about their needs when buying gifts?

Would you like your gift to help them enjoy more during difficult times?

This year I propose, dear readers, to go a little further when looking for your gifts. I encourage you to follow these three steps:

  • Positive attitude: Think that giving a gift is a “win-win” moment. Whoever receives the gift enjoys it and whoever gives it, too. Therefore, we must face the “gift” moment with good predisposition. Let's forget that it is a tradition. Furthermore, it is a fantastic time to share, laugh, get to know each other...
  • Empathy with the person who will receive the gift: Let's think about what their needs are, what they expect from us, how to surprise them, what we have given them in previous years, what their hobbies are. Each person is unique and deserves a gift that makes them feel unique.
  • Creativity: Ties, perfumes, board games, clothes... Surely these items have been on the list of possible gifts at one time or another. How can we differentiate ourselves this year? What can we give to show that we have made a special effort?

With these three steps, you will get the OK from the person to whom you are going to give the gift, including a hug and a heartfelt thank you!


Our proposal is to give a book.

What do we think this book should be?

  • A new book, recently published... to make sure that the person to whom it is addressed does not have it.
  • A book that helps you be happier, that not only entertains you and gives you some time, but also gives you well-being for the rest of your life.
  • A book that makes you smile when you read it.
  • A book that will make you enjoy the moment you read it and also in the future.
  • A book that gives you new ideas and tricks to lose your fears...
  • A book to which you must add your personalized dedication. So that your gift is Unique, Differentiated and Unrepeatable.

Surely there are many books like this, tailor-made for your friends and family whom you want to surprise.

Let us make you a proposal:


And let us also ask you this question: Do you enjoy communicating?

We all have a certain fear of facing an audience, in a meeting, at a conference... this book helps us find our own communication style. Enjoy and make the people to whom we address our presentation enjoy. This book transforms initial nerves into positive energy, into adrenaline, to “shine” in your presentations.

Yes, in this book you will find “Three Creative Steps to improve your presentations”, or better, three Creative Steps to improve the presentations of your friends or family to whom you want to give this book.

Professionals, students, people who must face a job interview, lecturers, spokespersons for large companies, financiers, lawyers, publicists, economists,...

In the business world it is important to improve our communication and be more impactful. As? Following 3 Creative Steps:

  1. Positive attitude,
  2. Empathy with our audience and
  3. Lots and lots of creativity.

The 3 ingredients to make our audience enjoy, ourselves enjoy and above all, to ensure that our message is remembered and provides value.

Merry Christmas!

Enjoy a lot!

And remember to Follow the 3 Creative Steps!


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