How do I make my presentation memorable?

We want the public to remember our messages.

We want to influence.

We want to cause change.

When preparing your presentation, always remember:

  1. Define the profile of your audience to develop the presentation to suit you. How can I add value to them?
  2. Use plain language. My goal is to be understood, not to give myself a medal and have everyone think I'm an expert because I use very strange words. We will only use anglicisms and technical words if we are sure that they will understand us. And, if they are necessary, we will translate them once to avoid discrimination. The closer my vocabulary is to that of the audience, the better they will understand me and the better they will remember my ideas.
  3. Build simple sentences. Do you remember that in school they told us that sentences were made up of Subject, Verb and Predicate? Let's avoid excess subordinate phrases, since they are ideal for losing the thread of our talk.
  4. Select positive vocabulary. Sometimes our mood betrays us and, unconsciously, words come out of our mouths that create a cloudy, pessimistic atmosphere. It is much better to select words such as: success, gift, invitation, excellence, future, solution, life, prosperity, family, luck, friendship, optimism, happiness, light, love, well-being, thank you, easy, fortunately, fast, interesting, great , marvel, improve, achieve, arrive...
  5. Positively surprise. Your presentation should be a gift to your audience. Manage to exceed your expectations by applying maximum creativity!!!

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