Do you practice self-empathy?

We talk a lot about empathy as an essential skill to foster a quality relationship with another person.

We know perfectly well how to differentiate when a person has empathetic behavior and we always value it positively. For 3 main reasons:

  1. Because you accept that we can have another opinion even if you don't share it.
  2. Because empathy is associated with feeling heard.
  3. Because we feel valued.


Do we apply these 3 elements with ourselves?

  1. Do we give ourselves permission to think differently?
  2. Do we listen to our inner dialogue?
  3. Do we know how to value ourselves?


Self-empathy is connected to emotional self-care.

External demands are so high that we prioritize them over our internal needs.

Learning to take care of our mind will help us gain self-confidence and increase our inner strength.

How to enhance self-empathy?:

  1. Start the day with self-acceptance: surely there are tasks in which you will shine and others that are more costly for you. Enjoy both: the first serves to reinforce our self-esteem and the second to learn, get out of our comfort zone and grow personally.
  2. Listen to your body and mind: why do I feel nervous in my stomach? Am I demanding too much of myself? Remember that our negative self-talk increases our cortisol and prevents us from working calmly and consciously.
  3. Celebrate your successes at the end of the day: small rewards help us value ourselves: a special dinner, your favorite series, a good book, walking... Congratulate yourself for what you have done well!


From now on, I invite you to work on empathy with yourself and you will see that, naturally, empathy will flow towards your environment.

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