Professional Mentoring for Professionals

Happy to work mentoring with people who believe in continuous improvement.
We enrich each other and at the same time, we reinforce each other.
Thank you @lauraraulet for trusting me as a mentor.

The number of professionals who recognize the need for mentoring is increasing.

When do we need mentoring?

  1. When we have a specific need.
  2. When we want a personalized treatment.
  3. When we want immediate results.

Who is mentoring aimed at?

To professionals who want to improve.
We know that improving requires perseverance, practice, dedication, motivation... and, above all, time.

I always comment that we must accept that some people are not at the right time to make this effort and we must respect that.
When a leader asks me how to start mentoring in a company, I always suggest that they ask their teams: “Who wants to improve?”
It may seem a priori that everyone will answer affirmatively. People who are truly focused on improvement communicate it with their attitude, with their look, with their proactivity, and not just with their words. It is up to you to select who is really prepared for mentoring.

What can we focus on in mentoring?

Any work area is susceptible to being mentored.

Based on my most recent experience, professionals need to learn to relate better in 3 areas:

  1. How I relate to myself: self-demand, perfectionism, responsibility.
  2. How I relate to others: team leadership, conflict resolution, customer service.
  3. How I relate to my environment: with my company, with my daily life, with uncertainty. Planning, decision making, monitoring.

Where do we start?

One hour a week, with a personalized objective, applied to 3 work situations.

Why only one goal?

  • To put focus.

For what 3 work situations?

  1. To verify that our objective applies to different contexts and confirm that it is worth dedicating our time to improve.
  2. To practice, practice, practice until we gain confidence and power.
  3. To transfer the learning acquired to all the professional challenges we encounter daily and continue growing.

Mentoring that works is planned mentoring, with rights and obligations between the mentee and the mentor.

It is a team commitment, an agreement in which both parties communicate, negotiate and, above all, enjoy the results!!

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