Communication between Teacher and Adult Student


As many of you know, I am studying a Postgraduate Degree in Adult Education at the University of Stockport, in Manchester. My goal is to enrich myself with new ideas and methodologies to improve my future training, and above all, learn and enjoy. And I assure you that I am enjoying it very much!

I am going to highlight 3 elements that I have found to be differential and basic in adult education and that are promoted here in England:

  1. The individual needs of the students. Since the first class, the focus has been on what the students need: physical, social, physiological needs... what their expectations are and why they are studying here. In my case, as the only foreigner in the group, I have a helpline at my disposal.
  2. Prioritize “learning” over “teaching”. Prioritize “applying concepts” over “giving knowledge.” The teacher or trainer is focused on constantly evaluating how the student is learning. The words of our day to day life are learning, application and development. Great example of Bloom's Theory, which shows us that Knowledge is only the first step of learning.Bloom's Ladder
  3. Continuously interact with the student to take them out of their comfort zone. The student is the protagonist and will learn by practicing, experimenting, doing. Once again we confirm Edgar Dale's Learning Pyramid, which specifies the retention percentages of messages based on the passive/active role of the student.Spanish learning pyramid


How do you think these three elements are being applied in your country? I encourage you to leave your comfort zone and enrich me with your feedback, please.

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