Do you prefer to present in person or virtually?

🎉My congratulations and my gratitude to each of the 10 students of the #master of #PsicoCreatividad of the #UAB, for their presentations, their dedication, enthusiasm and daring in the #Presentations #Creativas and #Eficaces course. Together we have made a journey to be excellent in 21st century Communication.

We no longer communicate like we did 20 years ago, nor like we did 10 years ago. Communication is evolving rapidly.

✨Do you dare to present in your company without a PowerPoint, without audiovisual aids? Our UAB students do!

✨Do you always start your presentation with a creative and impactful opening that exceeds your audience's expectations and captures their attention from the first second? Our UAB students do!

✨Do you prepare your presentation with a Mental Flower that helps you structure your ideas and manage your time? Our UAB students do!

During these weeks, we have explored in depth how to present our projects effectively, both #virtually and #in person. I am incredibly proud of your progress.

Let me remind you of the importance of continuing to cultivate these skills in our daily professional lives.

5 benefits of presenting in person:

  1. 🎁 Relationship Building: Each presentation is a gift for your audience. Face-to-face interactions make it easier to create authentic connections. Creating a close and complicit environment is the key.
  2. 👥 Authentic human connection: Nothing replaces direct eye contact, the handshake, and the energy that comes from interacting in person.
  3. 📊 Instant feedback: The ability to read audience reactions instantly allows you to adjust your presentation on the fly to maintain its impact.
  4. 🚀 Physical presence: Physical presence and proxemics allow you to take advantage of the space and maintain the audience's attention.
  1. 🏆 Credibility and trust: An in-person presentation offers more tools focused on increasing credibility and trust in the message and the speaker.

In the 21st century, virtual presentations also offer us important benefits:

  1. 🌍 Global accessibility: Virtual presentations eliminate geographic barriers, allowing you to reach a global audience from anywhere.
  2. 💬 Digital interactivity: Tools such as real-time surveys, chats and question panels allow for greater interactivity with the audience.
  3. 🕒Flexible schedule: The ability to schedule virtual presentations in different time zones provides flexibility for both presenters and audiences.
  4. 💰 Saving time and resources: Avoid travel and travel costs. Remember that Time is one of our most precious assets.
  5. 📹 Recording and reuse: Virtual presentations can easily be recorded for later review or to share with those who were unable to attend live. We promote #learning and #continuous improvement.

We need to know and master both forms of presentation. And decide the channel most consistent with our objectives.

In front of a physical audience or In front of a screen, our #Communication must be #Shocking and #Memorable.

Which is your favorite channel? Do you want to share your experiences? ✨

#EnjoyCommunicating #CommunicationProfessional

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