How to deal with difficult conversations Professionals

In the world of work, we are frequently faced with Conversations difficult.

🌟 What is a difficult conversation?
A conversation that has an impact on your daily professional life, with a high emotional level and impact on business productivity.
As a professional, you know that difficult conversations in the work environment are inevitable. Sometimes facing them can be like climbing a mountain, but with the right tools, we can reach the top!

Do you have any of these conversations pending?

1. Violent situations (🔥): How do we express our feelings when there is a difference of opinion?
2. Salary Negotiation (💰): When the time comes to talk about remuneration, we are in tension. Do we prepare adequately?
3. Constructive Feedback (🔍): Giving or receiving feedback can be uncomfortable. However, it is vital for professional growth.
4. Confrontation (🤝): Sometimes, we must address conflicts with colleagues. Avoiding them is not an option.
5. Saying “No” (🙅‍♀️): Rejecting a task or idea can be delicate.

Which of these conversations do you find most challenging? 🙌

The key is in the method Handle: achieve a level of “Assertiveness without Anxiety”. How do we achieve it?

  1. Measuring our level of Assertiveness in different daily professional situations.
  2. Also measuring the level of Anxiety that these situations cause us when we decide to be assertive.
  3. Reflecting on the balance between both scores
  4. Carrying out an Action Plan to reduce the score when the results imply a lack of well-being and productivity

A thousand thanks to all the participants in the workshop “Leading Difficult Conversations in the Workplace” Barcelona Cambra, Granollers, for their energy, daring and collaboration.

Together, we have made our toolbox bigger!

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