Eduard Punset: A GREAT COMMUNICATOR, with Knowledge, Skills and Attitude

I am often asked what is the fundamental quality of a Good Communicator…

I always answer: ATTITUDE.

And they are always surprised...

Yes, a Good Communicator must show a Positive, Humble, Creative, Confident, Empathic, Assertive Attitude...


Eduard Punset spoke from the Heart of Scientific Issues!!

I marvel at EDUARD PUNSET's Attitude because he always spoke with emotion, with passion.


And, furthermore, he communicated with Charisma and a Sense of Humor!

His voice infected us with his enthusiasm for sharing his ideas...

His knowing look seduced us.

His mad-genius smile was half scientific and half emotional. A curious combination!

I met Eduard Punset on the AVE. I saw him sitting in his “armchair”, concentrated on reading (it couldn't be any other way...). Impulsively I approached him and like a teenager in front of her favorite singer, I said:

"Hello! I'm a fan of you. I love his attitude, his energy, his…”. He stood up, shook my hand and gave me a magnificent smile... What an honor!

We chatted for a few minutes and I returned to my seat, feeling very, very lucky… Unforgettable!


Eduard Punset: one person or many people?

Writer, scientist, presenter, lecturer, economist, minister, traveler, father, grandfather, friend, HUMAN...

And great communicator!

Along with his Attitude, with capital letters, he brought together enormous experience, a lot of practice, and of course, an encyclopedia of knowledge. All his knowledge reached us and we understood it because Eduard Punset made an effort to translate his scientific knowledge to easy, contagious, memorable words. With humility, empathy and humor.

I want to highlight his ability to tell stories that touched our hearts, metaphors of life that took us to a better world.

Allow me to include the Video “Happiness in times of crisis” that includes a tender story with one of his granddaughters. A story with a powerful message.


Thank you Eduard Punset for your Attitude, your Skills and your Knowledge. D.E.P



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