«There are no boring subjects, only boring teachers»

In my last “In-Person Training for Businesses” course, my student Tina from Sellbytel pleasantly surprised me with this phrase: “There are no boring topics, only boring teachers.”

What do you think?

From this article, I am calling for you to share your experiences about teachers who have positively surprised you in a class.

Here you have my story:

ADE: 4th year. Subject: Statistics. Professor Jaume Llopis comes to class and surprises us with this phrase: «Today is going to be a memorable and exciting day for all of you. You are finally going to discover! the truths and lies contained in the surveys published by the newspapers. You will never feel cheated again because now you will know how to interpret all the percentages!

Professor Jaume Llopis told us about: margin of error, level of confidence, random sample based on interests, with real examples, with a newspaper in hand, with dialogue and interaction.

Of course, we enjoyed his class and therefore, we learned... and therefore, 12 years later, I remember that day perfectly and most importantly, I remember the concepts learned.

What's your story?

Do you agree that the trainer is the driving force of learning?

In the photo that heads this article I show you my 4th grade Hotel Management students at ESHOB in one of our "Negotiation Techniques" classes.

Is there any better way than playing Monopoly to discover each student's negotiation style? Can we determine if we have reached a “win-win” agreement through the sale of a property?

How can we make our training more dynamic and enjoyable?

3 basic paths:

  1. DIALOGUE AND INTERACTION continually: THE STUDENT IS THE BEST RESOURCE to energize and keep the participant involved. To do this, we must previously know the student's needs, investigate and, of course, personalize learning.
  2. INTERACTIVE METHODOLOGIES in which the student is the protagonist, where they have to think, reflect and act. Your learning will be determined by your participatory attitude. Your brain must stay active and this cannot be achieved by simply listening to the trainer. Our goal is for you to be mentally present, not just physically.
  3. TOOLS OF THE 21ST CENTURY: of course we can use Monopoly in a Negotiation class, record them on video in a Presentations class, the simulation or role play in a Sales training... And now also, new forms of gamification, thanks to 21st century technologies: Mobile applications (Kahoot, Mentimeter), impressive designs (Emaze, Powtoon, Sway, Prezi, Piktochart), mind maps (Manual Thinking), creative games (Story Cubes)…

"There are no boring subjects, only boring teachers""There are no boring subjects, only boring teachers""There are no boring subjects, only boring teachers"

The Attitude of the Trainer and the Dynamization of Training are the Keys to Success to guarantee learning in the 21st century!!


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