Give prominence to the student in each training

Do your students feel like protagonists in your classes? Do you feel like you can speak, participate in each training?

Do they feel that you care about them, that you develop their potential and make them grow?

This is the NEW EDUCATION promoted by César Bona, the only teacher in Spain who has been a candidate and finalist in the Global Teacher Prize (2015).

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Training María Muñoz Roca_Nancie Atwel Global Teacher Prize 2015
Nancie Atwel collecting the 2015 Global Teacher Prize from Bill Clinton

In that edition, Nancie Atwel, from the USA, was the winner, a teacher who gets her students motivated and enjoy reading. Their students read on average 40 books a year! And in 2015, 96% of its students enrolled in the University. Are they different, better students? No!!! They have had a different teacher, dedicated, globally, better!!


The Keys to 21st Century Education

Respect, Empathy and Sensitivity are the 3 keys to 21st century education that César Bona highlights in his book “The New Education”. In each of his classes, the protagonists are always his students. Because?

  1. Because they are the leaders of the future, our future teachers, our future engineers, our future hairdressers, our future politicians, our future judges...
  2. Because a teacher has to adapt his teachings to the needs of the people he serves and renew himself every day with new methodologies.
  3. Because on a daily basis we must enhance the Curiosity, Creativity and Imagination of the students and the only way to do this is by giving them the floor, helping them to write the class script themselves, giving them active roles in each class, always keeping them on the front line.

Students have to feel involved every day in classes: they are not mere recipients of information. They are the protagonists.


What do we want our teachers to be like?

When we attend training as adults, we obviously want our teachers to listen to us, ask us for our opinion, value us and respect us. Why do we think that only in adulthood do we deserve this treatment?

In the 21st century, students and participants in courses, seminars and workshops are the true protagonists. The teacher or trainer has to be at your service, always focused on developing talent and ensuring that everyone enjoys the magical moment of learning. When a student feels like a protagonist, they feel powerful, they feel strong and they feel capable of learning everything!

I invite you to watch César Bona's talk titled “The new challenges of Education” to continue discovering why it is important for our students to always be and feel like protagonists.


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