How is your Communication in your Virtual Meetings?

Tired of investing 1 whole day to attend a 2-hour meeting in London?

Increasingly, companies optimize their time and resources by Virtual Meetings.

People from anywhere in the world connected online. Technology allows it and the results are exceptional when we prepare well!


Main online Platforms for your Virtual Meetings

  1. Skype for Busine: one of the tools that works best: easy, agile and intuitive. Allows you to hold online meetings with 250 people!!
  2. Google Hangouts: you just need to have a Gmail account and you can connect with 99 more people!
  3. Webex: allows you to hold online meetings, in addition to giving talks, courses and events over the Internet, connecting between 500 and 1000 people depending on the version used.

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The 7 Steps to succeed in the Communication of your Virtual Meetings

  1. Planning/Call: Inviting our attendees via Outlook is an agile way to communicate the meeting, with telephone follow-up.
    • Email Call: 15 days before (Outlook)
    • 1st Reminder: 1 week before
    • 2nd Reminder: 1 day before
    • 3rd Reminder: 1 hour before
  2. Creative Title that motivates attendees, creates certain expectations and “promises” dynamic, entertaining and above all, Useful content!!
  3. Photo and name of the participants on the First slide. It is a way to involve everyone, to introduce them, to get to know each other and also to commit to being “present” throughout the meeting.
  4. Interactive Opening, with a question related to the topic to be discussed and giving everyone the opportunity to respond.
  5. Visual slides: little text, photographs and empathetic illustrations.
  6. Dynamic Voice: Emphasize, manage silences, do not run, include rhetorical questions and please, vocalize!!
  7. Q & A at the end of each topic. Confirm understanding of the message when we finish each section and open a brief question session to resolve doubts.

I invite you to practice these 7 steps in your next Virtual Meetings and start enjoying Effective, Efficient and Efficient Meetings.

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