Who is enjoying this photograph?


Artur Mas and Mariano Rajoy are communicating with their body language, in 2 directions. They communicate with each other and are communicating with the entire world!!!

About to meet to discuss… delicate topics… their facial expressions say it all:

– Serious faces

– Gazes into space, opposite, elusive

– Low eyebrows

– Horizontal, uncomfortable rictus

– Tense cheeks

And their bodies? The posture is rigid, hands stiff, fingers restless…. negative energy flowing.

They are definitely not enjoying this match. They feel discomfort and it is "perceived" without the need for words. They are communicating without speaking!

Just like that famous slogan “what you do on the inside is seen on the outside”, we can conclude that what these two politicians feel inside is expressed in their external appearance.

I ask you a question: Are we aware of what we express visually?

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