How many messages do I want to communicate?

“Remember that it is not enough to say the right thing in the right place, it is even better to think about not saying the wrong thing at a tempting moment.” Benjamin Franklin


To decide what to communicate, I must always think about the audience of my presentation. Since I know who they are because I have previously informed myself, I know what their needs and interests are and I can adapt my messages to them. I'm going to select three main ideas that will enrich my audience. If I know the subject well, I should be able to convey much more to you... Of course. I can fill their heads with thousands of ideas and in the end... they won't remember anything! Or I can preselect three ideas – at most – and communicate them strongly, with enthusiasm, and get them to internalize them and remember them forever. What do you prefer?

We will call these three ideas that we have selected FOOTPRINTS.


Our three footprints will be the three chapters to develop in our presentation.Copy of 2Huellas 1Footprints 3Footprints

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