Improve our Communication in English to Improve Professionally

Communication and English are two words focused on our professional productivity in this 21st century.

We are aware that Communication is everything today. If we know how to Communicate, we know how to Lead, we know how to Sell and we know how to Train.

And if, in addition, we know how to Communicate in English, our range of opportunities grows exponentially!!!


How does English affect us in our professional lives?

In what language do we communicate with our colleagues from France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Turkey?

Where do we get inspiration for our presentations: Google, SlideShare, Ted Talks...?

Do we have a good positioning on Social Networks: LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…?

Do we opt for better jobs if we know how to communicate in English?

Alt_Maria Muñoz Roca_Comunicación

Do we need to improve our Communication in English?

Depending on the company in which we work, the clients with whom we interact and, above all, our attitude towards the professional challenges of the 21st century, we will decide if we want to improve our Communication in English.

If so, below you will find 3 easy, practical and fun ways to start improving now!!

  1. Ask our company for training in English. If our level of English allows it, let's dare to attend English Training on topics such as Presentations, Leadership and Sales, which will help us develop a vocabulary focused on our business.
  2. Watch a TED TALK talk in English once a week. You can start with this nice talk by Patricia Ryan, titled “Don't insist on English!” ("Don't insist on English!"). There are 10 minutes that will help you reflect on the importance of this language in our current society, in our professional life and also in our personal life: Muñoz Roca_ TED Communication
  3. Regularly attend Toastmaster Club meetings. It is an International Public Speaking Club, where we meet people who want to share our experiences in English and people who want to improve our Communication in English. You can check on their website which club is closest to your city:

Alt_Maria Muñoz Roca_ Communication Toastmasters

And if you are an adventurous person… I suggest you do a “Family Erasmus”. My family and I had an incredible experience during a year in Manchester, where we learned English, culture and skills to become stronger professionally and personally.

Today is the best day to start improving!




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