Tell me how you shake hands and I'll tell you how you communicate.

Are we aware of what we communicate when we shake hands?

Each of us has a different and personalized way of shaking hands.

What message are we sending to our interlocutor by extending our hand to receive him??


Our hands speak

Unconsciously, our greeting "speaks":

  • When we approach a person we like, with whom we are in tune, our hand is friendlier, more flexible and more welcoming.
  •  When the person we greet intimidates us, even the inclination of our hand changes and we tend to turn the palm of our hand upward, allowing ourselves to “dominate”…
  • When we feel more powerful, stronger, more energetic, our hand gains prominence and leads the greeting. As? Our hand is firm, secure and with the palm slightly tilted downwards.


I invite you to watch this video and find the 2 keys to a safe and assertive greeting.


The body influences the mind 

As Amy Cuddy, an American social psychologist and expert in non-verbal language, says, the mind influences the body and vice versa.

In his TED talk titled “The body shapes who you are” /”The body shapes who you are”, Amy Cuddy shows us the power of our hands, our arms, our posture… our gestures influence others and mainly, they influence ourselves.

  • A gesture of strength makes us feel strong.
  • A head tilted downward makes us feel insecure
  • A weak hand makes us feel inferior
  • Firm hands, a smile and a look at the person we greet help us build trust.


If we want to change our greeting to make a better impression, we can do so. If we want to communicate strength, security, leadership, we can also achieve it by being aware of what our hands communicate: the inclination, the strength of the greeting, the duration, the distance...

It is up to us to positive our communication and direct our messages, empathically influencing others.

From now on, you will discover who is behind each greeting and how to better manage your first impression.

Resignify the greeting to be aware of our communication: this is my proposal for today!

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