The Double Silence

Now back from vacation, I present to you a reflection:

Have you practiced Silence this summer?

In the work environment, we can rarely stop and think in silence: everyday life is fast, it forces us to act, to respond, to take steps forward...

And when we communicate? Do we practice Silence? Many times we speak automatically, we “throw out” messages without stopping, sometimes without thinking too much about our words, we improvise… it seems that silence is not allowed.

Therefore, I would like to encourage you to include more Silences in your life.

The Silence that I propose is twofold: “silence” our mouth and “silence” our mind. And I invite you to practice them in your Communication. It's about staying focused on 100%, forcing our mind to empty itself of any thoughts and focus on the conversation, without interrupting.

What benefits will double Silence bring us?

  1. Listen better to others, making them really protagonists of the conversation.
  2. Focus not only on the words, but also on the intention of the interlocutor.
  3. Read and interpret the body language of others: the speaker and the rest of the team.
  4. Avoid prejudging or preparing our response: our mind will be attentive until the end.
  5. Freeze our internal dialogue. Our brain will be focused on a single task, thus being more productive.
  6. We will gain greater well-being and energy.


This post is shorter so that you have more time to reflect on the Silence. ?

See you soon!

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