Conference: Networking and Communication

What are the 3 keys in Networking?

First, let me thank the Chamber of Barcelona for the invitation to the "Networking and Communication" Conference in front of a very dedicated and participatory audience.

A unique setting, the Llotja de Mar, a historic building from the 14th century, where a special emotion is breathed in every corner.

Among all the attendees we worked on the 3 keys to start and maintain a good relationship with our new clients:

  1. CREATIVITY: the differentiating element, which makes us unique and helps us leave a mark on our new client. With Creativity, we impact. With Creativity, we do not position ourselves in the mind of our client. With Creativity, we build loyalty.
  2. INTERACTION: Providing value is our objective and we can only achieve it through dialogue, empathetic questions, and two-way harmony.
  3. PERSONALIZED COMMUNICATION: we influence by balancing our emotional and rational communication. Are we aware of how we generate trust in our new clients? Beyond our excellent products and services, the key is the emotional bond, that personalized connection that allows the customer to feel special, the protagonist of the conversation.

A conference should push us to embark on a new path, to generate 3 new changes. Therefore, I ask all attendees: Are you already applying the 3 keys? What 3 new habits have you incorporated into your professional life since last Thursday?


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