Do you like to interact at conferences?

What is my challenge in my conferences? Capture the audience's attention and keep them involved from the beginning to the end.

To do this, interacting with the public is the key to success.


I always set 3 main goals:

1- Enjoy

2- Let them participate

3- That they learn new concepts to apply the next day.

These 3 objectives are intertwined with each other and follow a chronological order. I explain:


When we attend a conference we expect to hear messages that add value and enrich us. And we hope to have a good time. And a higher level than having a good time is to ENJOY, connect with the speaker and the rest of the audience, make a Team.

Yes, in interactive conferences we get people to connect emotionally and enjoy themselves. For them, from minute one, we must create a close, democratic, comfortable, authentic climate.



Since I start preparing a conference, I ask myself how I can involve the public. They are the true protagonists of the conference, with their reactions, their participation, their smiles and their questions. One of the techniques that always works is gamification, which we must adapt to the number of people in the room. It is not enough to have the participation of the people in the front row. Nooo!

At my last conference, I prepared a 10-question Kahoot that was the starting point of the conference. It allowed me to get to know my audience, 110 people, to know their names, their needs and their expectations.

When I do training I know a priori who will come and this gives me an advantage to personalize the course.

When I give a conference, I must look for other methods to achieve personalization: so that the audience feels that it is a special talk for them. Because it really is!



It was fantastic to see the faces of the participants attentive to the questions, competing in a healthy way among themselves, applauding the winners... I enjoyed seeing how they were so immersed in the game, they made an effort to do well and, above all, they learned new things. ideas and refreshed concepts perhaps a little forgotten.

And in the final part, a challenge, to immediately apply one of the concepts learned.


The best formula for an interactive conference is to prioritize the audience, take care of them, listen to them and integrate them into the talk.

We form a Team and success depends on being well connected to each other and our continuous interaction.

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