Proactive delegates at the UAO

I feel proud of this team of delegates and subdelegates from the Abat Oliba University, totally dedicated to improvement on a Saturday morning.

Are we aware of the strengths of the new generations?

Do we learn from them? Do we value their skills: proactivity, commitment, assertiveness, leadership, creativity...?


3 intensive hours sharing our experiences to better serve the #Team #Classe and accompany each student in their academic career.


These students bring enormous added value to the University and show us that we can always take one more step.

Among its functions, we highlight:

  1. Listen to your colleagues
  2. Personalize your communication
  3. Build trust
  4. Provide feedback
  5. Anticipate conflicts
  6. Offer win-win solutions

#Thank you for your #Atitude and #Ilusion for #Alearn

 @UAO @LauraAmado

#Proactivity #Commitment

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