Writing a professional email is quite a Challenge

I want to congratulate the participants of the “Professional Communication” course of the Chamber of Barcelona for their humility, involvement and energy! We meet to reflect on our emails and be memorable in our written communication.

Why is it important to professionalize our emails? Because email is the most used channel in our work.

According to the consulting firm McKinsey, we invest 28% of our day reading and writing emails. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that we read and understand the emails we receive. And, above all, that we write our emails professionally.

What is a professional email?

A personalized, structured and empathetic email.

Do we write short and specific emails? Do we adequately manage the emotions that our emails provoke? Do we interpret our clients' emails correctly?

The key is conscious writing. Stop, breathe and write.

In it EPR method, I recommend 3 steps for writing our emails:

  1. AND= Empathize
  2. Q= Prioritize
  3. R= Summarize.
  1.  Empathize It means always keeping in mind the profile of our recipient. Adapt to your communication style. The same topic needs to be expressed differently depending on our interlocutor, also in written communication. What type of relationship do we have with our recipient? Informal, formal? Do we know him personally? Do we have a relationship of many years? Are you a rational or emotional person? Don't send an email without anticipating its effect...
  2. Prioritize the most relevant information. The important thing is always at the beginning because many times we read “diagonally” and we lose information as we progress in reading. We also apply the “less is more” rule here. Remember to stay focused and limit your communication to 3 messages, maximum.
  3. Resume It helps our recipient reinforce the main message. What is the objective of our email? Specify what you need, when and why.

After reading this post, you may be wondering about another written channel: WhatsApp. As you know, it is gaining strength in the workplace. We must also pay attention to it and be aware that we also project our professional image through text, our profile photograph, emoticons... Very soon we will focus on WhatsApp.

For now, I invite you to review your last 3 emails and reflect. Am I satisfied? Are they brief, direct, structured and empathetic?

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