The Voice of the Leader: Carles Capdevila

This article wants to be a tribute to Carles Capdevila, who recently left us, maintaining his special personal leadership until the last moment.

Let me talk about him in the present tense because his values continue and his unique character and positive attitude towards the world are still alive.

Carles Capdevila is a grateful, respectful, humble, generous and very brave leader. He has bet on his team, he has known how to delegate and he has helped them grow, personally and professionally.

In my training, I like to put Carles Capdevila as an exemplary leader who brings together the 4 values of leadership:

  1. Empathy: He listens to his team, supports them even if he does not share their opinions, allows them to make mistakes, reinforces them and trusts their abilities.
  2. Commitment: He is responsible for everyone's actions, even if they are delegated. It continues to be the “visible” face that faces the consequences of individual and common decisions.
  3. Creativity: For me his leadership is creative in 2 senses. On the one hand, his closeness, his willingness to always maintain a positive attitude when looking for new solutions and always facing problems as opportunities. As he literally said: “I always have a head full of ideas.” On the other hand, his energetic sense of humor, which encompasses all of his leadership: laughing at himself, laughing at situations, ironizing... is his way of directing the world towards reflection.
  4. Communication: When Carles Capdevila speaks, people get excited. Their words “leave their mark”, their messages last, are memorable and add value. His Voice, loud, clear and forceful, generates confidence. His assertiveness and courage make him credible.

I invite you to see with “proud” eyes the farewell speech that Carles Capdevila made to his Diari Ara team, when he left his position as Director.

You are a role model.

Thank you Carles Capdevila for teaching us to be personal leaders and team leaders!

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