Young University Students and Communication

Today I want to dedicate this post to my students of the Master of Psychocreativity at the UAB. We have shared 3 incredible days, where I have enjoyed their energy, their questions, their contributions and their challenges.

Manuel, Bernardo, Marta, Verónica, Mireia, Núria, Raúl, Daniela, Rodolfo, Nacho, Mirza, Guillermo, Erika… Thank you!! For your creative attitude and your positive predisposition. For challenging me and for teaching me the wonders of your cultures. For helping me improve the subject "Creative and Effective Presentations."


Training that provides value in the present.

All the students have shown me that they are motivated to communicate better and to learn everything that is useful for their present and future.

In the 21st century, university education and training in companies must incorporate technological tools.

Young University Students and Communication                     Young University Students and Communication                       Young University Students and Communication

In our sessions we have worked with Skype because many companies are already making their presentations through this application that allows us to communicate between people located in different parts of the world, listen to each other, see each other and share information.

We have also worked with Sway and Prezi, programs for making presentations that provide differentiating elements compared to PowerPoint, incorporating animation, movement, hyperlinks, direct connection with different services (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook) to add content easily and quickly.

We have worked with new interactive applications that we can download to our mobile phones and that allow us to interact with students and evaluate them, such as Kahoot.

And of course, we have enjoyed the Interaction, the Microexpressions, the Rhythms of the Voice, the Fillers, the Anglicisms, the Hands, the Feet, the Look...


What do university students ask of us teachers?

In literal words, the students ask us:
– “Communication and persuasion techniques”
– “Tools that help me develop better in my professional life”
– “Powerful and innovative communication strategies”
– “Improve my communication skills”

They ask us for “personalization”, to add value to their lives, pragmatism, empathy, understanding, harmony, assertiveness, understandable limits and useful limits.

They are demanding students because they demand what they considered fair - learning to be better professionals and people - and, at the same time, they are grateful students, who fulfill and take responsibility for their tasks.

I have the honor and luck to continue learning every day with my students.

See you soon!

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