This article is my humble tribute to the great Andreu Barrabino, the person who changed my life for the better. D.E.P.


Year 2001. My daughter Laura had just been born. I worked at the Bassat Ogilvy advertising agency and was considering a professional change.

A co-worker advised me to speak with Andreu Barrabino.

“Tell him that you would like to teach a class” – he told me – “Possibly he will give you an opportunity”…

An opportunity?

Andreu Barrabino It opened the doors to a new world for me.

Andrew He guided me along a new path until I discovered my true calling.

Andrew He accompanied me and supervised me at all times.

Andrew He advised me what to do and what not to do.

Andrew It opened the doors of professional happiness for me because I started as a teacher of Emotional Intelligence and little by little, I prepared to expand this field and cover new areas. Andreu encouraged me to take new classes: communication, marketing, strategy, creativity... I was a tutor for some TFC, now TFG and I was gaining experience as a teacher. The truth is that I always had Andreu by my side when I had any questions and, above all, to encourage me to accept new challenges.

He was first my mentor and little by little, my friend.

As a friend he was someone incomparable. I feel “orphaned” because it is very difficult to find a person who listens to you like him, who smiles at you like him, who is always present when you talk to him, who understands you, advises you and takes care of you with humility, affection and kindness.

He always remembered his friends, his teachers, his students and, above all, his family, whom he mentioned frequently. He liked to share his personal life. It was an open book. You could learn countless things from him. His character allowed him to advise you on a change of direction even if you did not see it necessary at first. It made you think. He never left you indifferent. For me, a friend has to contradict you, disagree, be brave to tell you things you don't like, inspire you, push you to action, accompany you when things are difficult and also celebrate successes together. For me, Andreu was the ideal friend. In the distance, he accompanied me “virtually.” When I was with him I felt supported, he introduced me to other teachers in the dining room, he encouraged me to participate in new events. When I talked to him on the phone, the feeling was extraordinary: his warm, soft, enveloping voice made me feel important; He always had all the time to listen to you and when he was busy, he let you know sweetly, with respect. And he invited you to contact him a little later, always ready to help you.

Year 2002. Andreu suggests that I share the subject with Josep Ramon Robinat, a great professional, expert in Marketing and Communication. An honor for me! An enormous learning during the many years in which we worked together guiding the same students. The best? Our joint meetings: Andreu, Josep Ramon and I... Prepare the schedule, get to know the students beforehand, define content, create new challenges, look for companies for the final projects of the subject... Unforgettable moments, talks that remain in my memory, ideas revolutionary... From here we also remember Josep Ramon, who left us in February of last year. What rage! Why do the best leave? Why are my teachers leaving? How am I going to continue learning?

Year 2003. Andreu invites me to participate in the Creative Communication postgraduate course at the UAB. It gives me a new opportunity! It is an opportunity to prepare myself to teach to a multicultural audience. I love the idea! Since then, I must say that I still really enjoy having students from Latin America, Central America, other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa... It is a continuous enrichment for me. Those of you who are teachers understand me perfectly. It is a gift to teach and learn with students. At the Autonomous University of Barcelona I have the opportunity to meet Santiago Estaún, an endearing, erudite, honest, humble person. I also feel very comfortable working with him, creating new subjects for the Psychocreativity master's degree and tutoring students in their final Master's Projects. Andreu and Santiago are a magnificent tandem. Andreu called me every February to plan the master's classes. “You will tell me that you are available Maria because I know that you are very happy donating classes to companies.” And he gave you different alternatives… Yes, he gave me the classes and he let me choose. And of course, I prioritized his classes over other projects because I wanted to reciprocate, I wanted him to continue counting on me, I wanted to continue learning from him, I wanted to show him my gratitude...

Year 2009. Andreu calls me and insists that I must graduate in Business Administration. Andreu argues that the more prepared I am, the better future I will have, at the University and in all areas of my life. I feel that Andreu is like the father I lost when I was 18. He cares about me, he anticipates my needs. Andreu has always taken good care of people. I feel that he has great experience as a father of 4 magnificent children and that he is advising me as if I were his daughter. I have to follow your recommendation. I want her to feel proud of me. I owe him a lot... I enrolled at the Abat Oliba University and in one year I obtained my degree, since other studies I had already completed validated me. Andreu is happy. Me too. It is a joint project. It is a shared success. I see in his eyes that he is happy. Wonderful! I feel that the happiness of others is very important to Andreu. He is a great person!

Year 2014. I write my first book and I dedicate it to Andreu. He hands him a signed copy and tells me that it doesn't deserve the dedication. He doesn't like merits. I repeat, he is a humble, simple person. He doesn't want to show off to anyone. It is an example, it has been and it will be. How much we can learn from him! How much this society can learn! Suddenly he tells me that the book will be a guide for University students and encourages me to give lectures presenting my book. And of course, I follow his recommendation and spread my book, endorsed by Andreu.

Year 2019. In February Andreu, Alfonso Freire and I go to the funeral of our colleague and friend Josep Ramon Robinat. Andreu drives the car. We are very sad. Andreu leads the conversation, highlighting the passionate moments shared with our friend. Intense conversations, full of value. We reflect. We talk about the “roller coaster” of life. A metaphor that perfectly illustrates the past, present and future of all of us. Once again, we all agree that we must value and enjoy the people who are by our side because, sooner or later, they will no longer be there...

On March 7, Andreu receives the highest distinction at the Abat Oliba University for his 25 years of dedication and dedication. Once again Andreu downplays it. Andreu deserves this recognition and many more.

From here, my gratitude Andreu for everything you have given me, for making me reflect, for giving me other points of view, for convincing me, for infecting me with your rebellion, for being my friend, for being my mentor, for being an example, for everything What I have learned from you and for everything I continue to learn.

Yes, I will always continue learning from you. Thanks Andreu.

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