How are you experiencing this new stage of teleworking?

Do we sometimes feel very powerful because we work with more autonomy?

Do we sometimes feel alone because we need social/professional contact?

Teleworking also has its two sides and companies must be aware of this.


VIRTUAL TRAINING: Adrenaline to boost our professional performance.

In this year where virtual training is the majority, I love observing the change in the participants from the moment we start the session until it ends.

The predisposition is total:

  • excitement to share
  • enthusiasm to learn
  • enthusiasm to participate
  • eagerness to listen to experiences
  • excitement to look for matches…

There are many specific areas in which professionals focus their development: negotiation, time management, sales, leadership, technological or technical skills...

The good news is that in all training, regardless of the main topic, we practice and develop other transversal skills that are very necessary today.

We all know that we are social beings and that teamwork makes us better.

Training is always a team effort and therefore provides very specific benefits to professionals, in any area of business.


What do we achieve in our virtual training?

  1. Improve the cocommunication
  2. Uncover the creactivity
  3. Promote the ccollaboration
  4. Increase the ccommitment
  5. Enhance the cohesion of the equipment
  6. Develop the contrust and above all, Self-contrust

These 6 C's correspond to 6 transversal Key Competencies that we always work on in the virtual classroom.

Many thanks to the participants of the last edition of #Effective Negotiation of @CambradeBarcelona for being an example of the #6C's. !! Congratulations!!

Training is a motivator of personal and professional change. It makes us stronger and empowers us to face the challenges of our daily lives.

And of course, Teleworking is our great challenge today and, possibly, also tomorrow.

#Continuous Training


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