Do we need extrinsic motivation to keep moving forward?

The current circumstances require that we wake up every day self-motivated... to face all the challenges that arise.

The economic-social situation that we are experiencing forces us to be awake and fill ourselves with energy to reinvent ourselves and continually leave our comfort zone.

Are we prepared for it?


With these lines I want to thank the Communication Campaign that the Cabrils City Council has launched, promoting its professionals and local companies and giving them visibility.

All people, all companies, all sectors... are currently striving to enhance their economic activity and contribute value to society.

What role does recognition play in professionals?

It is common for coworkers and clients to tell us what we need to improve. We are used to hearing feedback focused on details that have not met expectations...

When a company, an entity, an organization, a city council congratulates us and makes our achievements visible, we feel an inner energy that empowers us. Yes, we feel reinforced when we receive recognition.

Therefore, I encourage everyone, businessmen and professionals, to show recognition every day to the people around us.

Why do we feel happy when someone recognizes our work?

Dopamine is responsible for this feeling of well-being.

Upon receiving recognition, our body releases dopamine and drives us to action, to achieve our goals (Mercè Correa, from the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón (UJI).

This hormone is also responsible for regulating our mood, our attention and our learning. Therefore, when we praise another person we are giving them dopamine and helping them to continue moving forward.

I invite you to look around you and brighten a colleague's day with “an emotional gift”: recognition.

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