A mentor is a person who is an expert in a topic, who guides and guides you to develop in a specific professional area.

Nowadays, digital platforms allow us to provide tailored support to those people who want to continue improving, anywhere in the world! Therefore, having a Virtual Mentor at this time is a fantastic option.

Individual mentoring as a complement to a group training?

Yes, it is my recommendation!

Group training allows you to always advance and when the protagonist is the student and the practice and applicability of the contents are prioritized. We work in groups, we share experiences and we enrich each other. And when the group training is over we have an excellent starting point to practice what we have learned.

That's when the mentor comes into action!

  1. Follow-up of the action plan: Every week we share the tasks completed, answer questions and reorient the mentee.
  2. Evaluation of progress: Once a month, we present a summary document of the work carried out.
  3. Constructive feedback: continuous, in each meeting and whenever the mentored person requests it.
  4. Motivation to keep going: frequent and sustained over time.


I invite you to think about what professional area you would like to develop and how.

And I also encourage you to mentor a colleague to whom you can provide value and motivation.

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