I dedicate this first post of the year to companies that are training in VIRTUAL MEETINGS, to increase their Productivity.

I continue to be amazed every day when I confirm the ability of professionals to adapt to new times, their desire to learn and their energy when facing new technological challenges.

Bravo Grupo Vallcompanys, Bravo Securitas Direct, Bravo Anafric, Bravo…!!!

Most participants begin the training with questions about the true usefulness of virtual meetings and are surprised to see how we can effectively present our company, sell our products and services, and involve our clients in new projects in our virtual meetings.

We are all learning day by day to optimize virtual platforms. Zoom or Teams... are also being updated month by month to make it easier for us to connect and interact with our clients (internal and external).

Once again the productivity of virtual meetings is in our hands, It depends on how we prepare the topics, how we manage time assertively and mainly, how we interact with all the people gathered (the much valued “engagement”).

I highlight INTERACTION as a key element in productive virtual meetings because from my experience, a meeting is productive when we get everyone to contribute value and express their opinion. Therefore, I am not talking about informational meetings, but rather meetings where decisions are made, conflicts are resolved and new business challenges are faced. That is, meetings where all the invited people have a voice, where they are listened to and where they are also counted on to carry out a mission, jointly and co-responsible.

And how do we interact in Virtual Meetings?

  1. Essential requirement: connect the camera. If we connect the camera, we connect with the people and we connect with the issues. Because our commitment and our presence is complete.
  2. With live voice and in an orderly manner, when there are less than 9 people.
  3. With chat, when the organizer wants to know everyone's opinion in a short period of time.
  4. With surveys, to evaluate, for example, our experience and knowledge on the topic discussed.
  5. With the digital whiteboard, writing down our comments to enrich the meeting.
  6. With the “Hand”, to ask for your turn to speak.
  7. With Work Groups, which allow us to create rooms with differentiated teams.
  8. With gamified applications, such as Mentimeter, Lido or Kahoot.
  9. With collaborative walls like Miro or Padlet.
  10. With Creativity, a necessary and essential ingredient in Productive Virtual Meetings.

Wow!! We have infinite ways to energize a virtual meeting and ensure that each person invited participates, is enriched, and feels that their time has been well spent and that the meeting has been productive.

Thank you to all the professionals who invest in Virtual Meetings to continue taking care of their clients!


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