Praise to Praise

Today I want to share with all of you an email I received yesterday. It was sent to me by a participant in a training session titled “Exceptional Customer Service.” It's a compliment. And of course I responded by thanking him and asking for permission to share his email.
I would like to propose the following reflection: When we praise…. Who enjoys it more, the one who receives the praise or the one who does it?
And second reflection: How often should we praise?
Hello Maria!
First of all, I want to thank you for how much you are helping me both in my personal and work life. In making me see the great potential that I can have and in being inspired by many good ideas that are occurring to me these days.
You may be wondering what all this is about... well yes! I have read your book! It had me hooked from the beginning and I read it with a smile on my face almost the entire time. Plus, it's so easy to understand, which makes you even more motivated. Allow me to save the rest of the comments about the book for this Friday when we see each other during one of the breaks or if you feel like having a coffee at the end (I invite you, but in exchange you think about what you will write when I ask you to sign it). J.).
I want to share with you the first steps I have taken and what I want to take.
–          1st step: I have spoken with my director to give me the opportunity to pray in public. I have explained to him that it is a point that I need to improve and that to do so I have to practice. What do you think?
–          2nd step: Thanks in part to your book, I have realized that my “stage fright” is caused by my insecurity and lack of preparation. Not having academic training makes me feel inferior to the rest, I have also lost many basic notions and sometimes I even make spelling mistakes. But... I've got my act together! I bought a general culture book for adults where they teach you from the basics to refresh EVERYTHING. If you can think of any other books or exercises that I can do to improve in this aspect, I would appreciate it.
–          3rd step: What do you think if this Friday, I make a small entry/presentation, with what we saw in session 1? I would title it something like… “Let's remember the previous session together” and I have attached the first version of my mental flower
I eagerly await your response.
All the best,
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